The Project

The Art & Fashion Project

Bridging abstract color with silk

It all begins with a canvas.

Then comes color.

An explosion of shades and hues.

Color is the message.

Silk is the medium.

Art becomes fashion. And fashion is embraced by art.

The Art & Fashion Project connects the aesthetics and uniqueness of contemporary art with the elegance of silk.

All of the designs are featuring parts or whole artwork created by Ekaterini Athanassiadou – Poutetsi, an abstract expressionist artist based in Greece, focusing on color and its intense correlations. The works of art are oil drawings on canvas.

Being surrounded by her mother’s colors all her life, Christina Poutetsi attempts to connect the uniqueness of artwork with the daily aesthetics of everyday life and fashion.


The idea was born out of the artwork itself. The vidid colors and their combinations, the image that creates euphoria and sentiments of joy. That’s how the search began. And the pieces of the puzzle came together with a silk-processing artisan in Soufli, who preserves the tradition of the past and uses the latest digital printing technology requirements.

From the start, the Project was defined by the aim to be based and implemented in Greece, thus enhancing and supporting   both contemporary art and artistry.

The Project’s first silk collection features five abstract designs, named by the dominant color: Orange abstract, Red abstract, Purple abstract, Grey abstract, Sky blue abstract.

All scarves are digitally printed on 100% pure Twill silk with a hand – rolled  seam finish. They are made in Soufli (Greece), a province renowned for its exceptional-quality traditional silk and handicrafts.

The Art & Fashion Project embraces the exclusivity of handcrafted items. Our scarves are available in limited quantities only.